Bed & Breakfast in Vevey

Vevey and the surrounding Riviera area have a lot to offer for those who are looking for a bed & breakfast. With its relatively small size and quiet surrounding, the city of Vevey offer you the luxury to find a bed & breakfast that can be far from the noise of the city center, but still at a distance where you can easily reach the town and the lake with a ten minutes walk.

You will find Bed & Breakfast in the nearby villages surrounding Vevey in the countryside or the vineyards like Chexbres, Chardonne, Corseaux, Corsier, Blonay, Saint-Legier, La Tour-de-Peilz, Cully, Chatel-Saint-Denis, Attalens, etc. From all these places, there is only a five or ten minutes easy drive or train ride to reach the center of Vevey.

Bed & Breakfast Arquebusiers

The Bed & Breakfast Arquebusiers is located in a charming little house in the quiet suburbs of Vevey. You can reach downtown with a ten minute walk and the lake in fifteen minutes. There is also a bus service to reach the center of Vevey. The Bed & Breakfast Arquebusiers offers three rooms for one or two persons. All rooms have a TV set and free WiFi. Free parking is also available in front of the house.

Bed & Breakfast Arquebusiers
Elisabeth & Jean-Pierre Narbel
Chemin des Arquebusiers 20
1800 Vevey
Phone: 021 921 52 10
Price: 63-106 Swiss Francs